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Legal emotional support animal registration

They are animals for therapeutic purposes used in the treatment of psychiatric diseases and should not be treated as a simple pet. In order to be a keeper of one of these animals it is necessary to have a verified mental illness. It has a similar service to guide dogs or dogs for wheelchairs. They provide support and allow the independence of people who suffer from these conditions.

What is the difference of a service dog and emotional assistance dogs?

Service dogs are trained to do tasks that make life easier for the owner. An emotional assistance dog brings benefit to the owner through his companionship, not being trained to perform tasks .

How does the Emotional Assistance Animal work?

Provides comfort and support to the owner , not being specifically trained. However it may not be accepted in public places. They should only have the basic training so that they coexist peacefully with the remaining people and animals.

What diseases can be lessened by this animal?

It is used primarily in mental disorders such as depression or anxiety . The function of the animal is to distract the owner and give comfort, reducing the expression of the pathology. There are reports of people with paralyzing anxiety levels who have been able to resume a near normal life due to the companionship of these animals.

How can I have an Emotional Assistance Animal?

To have the animal the person must have a letter from the health professional stating that the person suffers from a mental illness and prescribes the animal as treatment.

Which animals can be chosen as Emotional Assistance Animals?

It is common to use mainly emotional assistance dogs , since they are easy to train, or cats . However, other species may be chosen as long as they do not cause danger to other people. You can choose a guinea pig or even a turtle as an animal for emotional assistance.