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Emotional support animal registration legit

“It’s become a big issue,” says Marcie Davis, creator of International Service Dog Week in the New York Times . “I have seen people bring their pets and try to pass them off as emotional supports or service dogs [companion dogs]. It is not correct and it is not without risk. ”

“The service dogs are trained not to bark in public, nor to smell other dogs or people,” she continues, adding that her own dog has been repeatedly attacked.

“I understand that some people need an emotional assistance dog. But I think many like their dogs and just say, “If you have your dog, why can not I get mine?” ”

For American Airlines, the situation is about to be out of control. In any case, this is what an employee of the company asserts.

Especially since now, offers to obtain a certificate attesting to the need to be accompanied by an emotional support animal are increasing. Psychotherapists offer $ 99 (about $ 73) after having insured – via Skype or a live interview – that the ” patient ” is suffering from a mental disorder requiring the support of an animal.