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Emotional Support Animal Registration Cost

If you have a physical and / or emotional need that is improved by the presence of your pets or because it helps you do a job for you, we will be considered disabled and you can easily show you how to make your dog a service dog( or qualify with our ESA registration).

Training, Certification, Registration, Documentation, ID Cards and Vests

A person can train their service dog themselves, and there is no requirement that they be associated with a service dog organization, that the dog be certified or registered, or that they present any form of documentation including ID cards and vests.

However, there are many wonderful organizations that help people who can benefit from owning a service dog. These organizations provide the training necessary for the dog to perform tasks to assist the person with their disability, as well as the training necessary to ensure that their dog will be well-behaved in public.

Organizations often provide ID cards and vests, which can be helpful because most people are not familiar with the laws pertaining to service dogs and are accepting of something looking official. Sadly, this plays into the hands of those committing fraud, who purchase ID cards and vests to impersonate service dogs.

An emotional support dog (ESD) provides therapeutic support to a person with a mental health disability, and may be kept in housing with pet restrictions and travel with their owner on airplanes. Otherwise, an emotional support dog handler has no special rights to be accompanied by their emotional support dog anywhere that dogs are not generally allowed.

Training, Certification, Registration, Documentation, ID Cards and Vests

Emotional support dogs are often referred to as therapy dogs, companion dogs, or comfort dogs by both the public and health professionals. They are basically household pets, and as such require no special training, certification or registration, nor are they required to have ID cards or wear vests.