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Emotional support animal registration cat

Emotional support animals are classified as those whose presence or certain activities brings relief to people suffering from psychiatric disabilities like anxiety and depression. These animals are usually cats and cats although horses, birds and pigs can also be included in the category of emotional support animals. Cats particularly have been a source of great emotional calmness and brought joy and relief to their human owners ever since we thought of taking cats as pets or more appropriately friends. They have their own ways of knowing their human owners inside out and have an astonishing capability to deal with a lot of difficult situations with amazing maturity and righteousness. Indeed a lot of unfortunate accidents have been prevented by the intervention of pet cats. The faithfulness and unfailing love combined with the lack of knowledge of what betrayal is makes cats the perfect companion.

A lot of people suffering from acute bouts of panic attacks, anxiety, depression and a lack of will to continue with life have come up with stories of how having a cat around them saved their lives from pain and humiliation. It has been proven in more than one occasion that people with these invisible disabilities or mental disabilities have been saved from harmful side effects of toxic medication (which is a way of relief medical professionals are quick to resort to). These patients have returned to living a life of bliss with these harbingers of life around, their cats and have found their problems to shrink and in some cases go away altogether.

Places emotional support cats can travel to – Since the need of their human owners is acute emotional support cats need to travel everywhere their owners go to. However, in the U.S a number of places like educational campuses, certain clubs and a number of landlords do not allow the entry of pets for a prolonged period of time. The good news for those situations is people can now register their cats as emotional support animals and get two cards which will facilitate people with mental disabilities to travel and live with their cats.